Visit Piteå Airport

Airport Information

Identifier ESNP
Coordinates 652354N 0211539E
Altitude 43 ft
Runway 16 / 34
Dimensions 1000x25m asphalt
Radio freq 123.550 MHz “Piteå Radio”

Fly standard overhead approach at 1500 ft and join downwind. Traffic pattern altitude is 1000 ft. Please transmit your intentions on the radio.

MOGAS 98 and AVGAS 100LL is available, please call for assistance with refueling.

Prior Permission Required

PPR is required 30th October – 1st April.

Call airport manager Roger Pettersson 073-385 87 06 for landing permit.

The airport is closed a few days per year due to dragracing. Dates and timings are published through NOTAM.

The airport is operational all year round but snow clearing can be irregular, please call for details on airport status.

Intense helicopter activity during parts of the year. Helicopters usually fly traffic patterns <500 ft, but straight in approaches to the apron are common.

Paramotor activity is common on and around the airport.